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Episode 80: A Wrestling Hodge Podge!

August 13, 2018

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable is back with a wrestling hodge podge of things to talk about! First John and Jonathan talk to Pro Wrestling & Trainer QT Marshall. They discuss the elite training center that he operates in Georgia along side former WCW wrester and legend Glacier. Then Jonathan tags Richard in to talk with John about some happenings in pro wrestling that are currently going on. John shares some Brian Christopher news that Jerry Lawler has talked about on his podcast regarding his sons death. Then they go on to happier news where at the time of recording ROH/NJPW were half way to selling out Madison Square Garden which they have since sold the venue out which is exciting news. Also ALL IN gets a pre show and what that could potentially lead to. & we talk about our brand new tshirt that releases on August 15th over at What A Manuever! so go check it out and support us!

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