PWR Spot Show
Right To Censor

Right To Censor

November 12, 2018

The PWR Spot Show is back on the air with a look one of the most controversial and possibly annoying factions (at least their music) with Right To Censor. With the attitude era in full swing, there needed to be a faction that was against the sex and violence. Steven Richards was put in charge of this group and John and Richard talk all about it. The good and the bad. Val Venis being an underrated wrestler and much more!


Before the Right To Censor talk, John and Richard do the Ten Minute Time Limit where they discuss what Wrestlemania 35 could look like!


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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Spot Show- Wrestlemania 34 W/ Chris DePetrillo

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Spot Show- Wrestlemania 34 W/ Chris DePetrillo

May 4, 2018

Its time for The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Spot Show & is a conclusion of our Wrestlemania 34 talk! Good friend of the show Chris DePetrillo stops by to talk about his experience in the big easy. Chris went to a lot of the events over weekend so we hear about Pro Wrestling Revolver, ROH Supercard, Wrestlemania 34, Monday Night Raw & much more! For a big event like this there is always good and bad and we hear it all from Chris on this all new episode of the spot show.

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